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We have many exciting projects here at Mære, all with a common goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture.

En glad gris

A happy pig

We get a happier pig if we add root material such as hay, straw, peat or pellets. Ellen Marie Rosvold is a researcher at Nord ...
Transport av rå biogass

Transport of raw biogas

Can production of raw gas on several farm plants with transport of raw gas to upgrading plants be an alternative to large biogas plants with ...

The pig promise

Experiments carried out on Mære, as part of the research project "Griseløftet". The aim of the project is to achieve even better animal welfare in Norwegian ...
Halm som biobrensel

Straw as biofuel

Straw can be used for bedding, fodder, and for the production of bioheat. The use of straw as bioenergy has been increasing in the last ten years. Many farmers...