Heat recovery from the milk tank

When we built a new milk barn at Mære in 2016, we installed heat recovery on our milk tank. A heat exchanger on the milk tank makes it possible to recover heat that we take out of the milk during cooling. We use the energy to heat water that we can use for the milking robot and heating drinking water for the cows. At Mære, we produce approx. 400,000 liters of milk and extract approx. 17,000 kWh per year from the milk tank.

Here you can watch barn master Arnulv Vestrum explain how heat recovery works:

25 March 2023

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Solar system

At Mære, three solar cell systems have been installed on the roof; the suckling cowshed, the dormitories and the stables. The facility at the suckling cow barn is a roof-integrated facility. ...