Larger Mære tomatoes with intermediate lighting

With LED lights in red and blue colors placed between the tomato plants in our greenhouse, the yield of tomatoes increases. Primarily because the tomatoes get bigger. Half the tomato department has intermediate lighting in addition to traditional lighting from the roof and harvested tomatoes on both sides are weighed separately. The LED light has a color spectrum that is tailored to the tomato. 

The yield difference between the half in the greenhouse without intermediate lighting and the half with intermediate lighting is:

201813 % increased yield
201926 % increased yield (challenge with disease this year)
202023 % increased yield
202123 % increased yield
202220 % increased yield 

The experiment started in 2018

We were curious as to whether LED lights that are placed below the plant mass can produce better yields and reduce energy consumption. To find out, we teamed up with Vangberg horticulture, Nibio and Norsk landbruksrådgiving and started an experiment where half the tomato greenhouse is illuminated with LED lights. Tomato yields from the two parts of the greenhouse are now compared and energy consumption is measured to see if the intermediate lighting has any effect. 

The LED lights are financed by Mære agricultural school and Trøndelag county council. The experiment was supported by District Research.

23 March 2023

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