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We have many exciting projects here at Mære, all with a common goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture.


Solar system

At Mære, three solar cell systems have been installed on the roof; the suckling cowshed, the dormitories and the stables. The facility at the suckling cow barn is a roof-integrated facility. ...
Jordkarbonets hemmeligheter

The secrets of soil carbon

Some of the country's leading researchers on soil carbon, soil microbes and biochar were the presenters of the webinar The secrets of soil carbon - about ...
Vi bygger i tre

We build in wood

Building in wood provides a major climate benefit. When we were going to build a new dairy barn, it was a matter of course that as much of the building as possible should be set up in ...
Jordforbedrende vekster

Soil improving plants

At Mære, over several years we have carried out practical testing with the sowing of various catch crops in grain with a view to improving the soil and catching...