Norwegian red fairy becomes greener!

The breeding company Gene produces a dairy cow with less methane emissions.

"The climate contribution could perhaps be as much as 10% lower emissions from milk production over a 10-year period, and if we succeed, we can reduce emissions that make up a significant contribution of agriculture's overall emissions"

project manager Sverre Lang-Ree

Geno is owned by Norwegian farmers and is world class in terms of breeding program and breeding progress on cattle. And now they have included reduced greenhouse gas emissions as a breeding target for the Norwegian red cattle breed.

We at Mære are proud to be able to contribute to Geno being able to research this with the help of a Green Feeder installed in our dairy barn, which measures cows' methane gas emissions.

Here you can find out more about Geno's breeding work for a greener cow:

24 March 2023

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