The Longevity Project 

This is a project managed by Norse pig, the company responsible for pig breeding in Norway. Norwegian pigs are at the forefront of breeding in a world context, a lot of Norwegian pig genes are exported abroad. The aim of the project is to find characteristics that are important for maternal characteristics and durability of the TN70 sow.

TN 70 is a cross between a Norwegian-bred Landsvin and a Yorkshire line (z-line) originating from the Netherlands, these sows have maternal characteristics that are at the very top of the world when it comes to pigs. Yes, perhaps it is simply the world's best sow, which is constantly being developed to become even better. 

In addition to ingris data, Mære contributes with animal weighing, measurements of back fat, temperature measurements with an IR camera, ammonia measurements and submission of tissue samples for genetic selection. 

Measurement of subcutaneous fat on the sows' backs provides a basis for saying something about weight changes due to loss of muscle or fat. 

IR images are taken of the sows to record the temperature during farrowing and the diet time, looking for a correlation between body temperature, production characteristics and shelf life. 

7 February 2023

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