An increasing interest in recycling and taking care of resources, together with the desire to store more carbon in the soil, makes it interesting to look at composting as a method to take care of what we have considered as waste products from farming. In Mærepodden this time we hear Nat Mead from Sogn jord og hagebrukskole, a pioneer in composting in Norway, and Rita Backer Natvig, who is responsible for the composting initiative at Mære landbrukskole. You will get tips on laying down a compost, what kind of materials it is advisable to use and what to look for during the process itself.  

Listen to the episode from Mærepodden about composting here:

In October 2021, Mære agricultural school organized a professional gathering on composting. We gathered 15 people interested in composting for a professional day, where we put up compost. and turned it over. In the film below, you can see a short summary from the professional day on composting. At the end of the film, we see the turning of compost four weeks after it was put up. It smokes well, which indicates that the compost is well underway with its transformation. 

7 February 2023

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