The secrets of soil carbon

Some of the country's foremost researchers on soil carbon, soil microbes and biochar were the presenters of the webinar The secrets of soil carbon - about carbon sequestration, biochar and R&D 3 June 2020. We wanted to show what we know and what we don't know about how we can bind more carbon in our soil. Below you will find a recording of the webinar, as well as a pdf version of the lectures.

What do we know about carbon sequestration in soil? What unanswered questions do we have?

Research on carbon sequestration at NORSØK v/Sissel Hansen, NORWAY

PDF on carbon sequestration in soil

What is biochar? What do we know and what do we not know?

Research on biochar at NIBIO v/Adam O'Toole, NIBIO

PDF on biochar: long-term carbon storage

The carbon project in Trøndelag

w/Arve Lian, Trøndelag County Municipality

The growth change project in Trøndelag

w/Astrid Johansen, Norwegian Agricultural Advisory

25 March 2023

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