The road to

The Zero Emission Farm

The Zero
Emission Farm

A climate and energy project at Mære Agricultural School in Norway.

The Agricultural Climate and Energy Centre

Solutions for less
climate emissions from the farm

Our goal is the zero emission farm! We will test and demonstrate how farmers can reduce climate emissions from fields and barns, how carbon can be stored and how we can reduce climate emissions from the farm's buildings and from energy use.

The agricultural climate and energy center is a place where practical climate solutions are developed, tested and conveyed, but also a network of R&D environment, for agricultural industry, administration and business regionally and nationally.

The Mære tomatoes are heated with solar energy from the farm

The road to the zero Emission Farm

Mære landbrukskole has set itself the goal of becoming a zero-emission farm, but is it possible? In a series of films, we will show how we can reduce greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture with small measures.

The Zero Emission Farm

Captive crops

Fertile soil

Carbon in soil

Livestock manure spreading

Solar cells

The climate game

Check how much you can reduce your emissions

Curious about how much you can reduce climate emissions from your own farm? In the climate game, you can choose productions and production scope and find how one or more measures reduce the climate emissions from your farm. Join us and investigate how close we can get to zero emissions!

Our objectives for greener agriculture:

More climate-smart agronomy

Good agronomy is climate smart. We test, demonstrate and share knowledge about climate-smart agronomy.

The farm as an energy supplier

Producing your own energy is both climate smart and profitable! Together we are looking for new opportunities for the farmer.

Innovations related to climate and energy

We collaborate with the farmer, companies and researchers to promote new climate-smart technologies and services.

A better education

Good knowledge is essential for good climate decisions. At Mære, we educate the green heroes of the future!

The facilities

Experience our farm with our 360° view

Our projects

See what we are working on at Mære Agricultural School

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